Golf's 1st Autonomous
On-Demand Demo Day.  

On a mission to transform the way golfers TRY and BUY golf clubs. Cadi Kiosk is located at the golf course and empowers the golfer like never before.

$178,500 of $250,000
Investment Type
Convertible note
Previously Raised
Min investment
Valuation Cap
Reasons to invest
1. Partnership and Launch in Seattle, WA
2. Estimated $1m revenue in 2023
3. Patents Granted in 2023

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Cadi Milestones and Accomplishments

Patent granted with two more pending

Cadi’s autonomous technology combines patent-pending proprietary technology in kiosks, warehousing, and data club fitting that leads to a one-of-a-kind retail experience for users.

$2.6m raised from 2100 investors like you

Our retail technology platform has proven market fit and will lead the transition to autonomous retail in the $126B sporting goods market.

Newly launched Try Before You Buy marketplace

Community-focused marketplace offering a one-of-a-kind product fitting by data. Cadi’s community has access to try before you buy on all products and a cash-back rewards membership model in golf.

Signed venue LOIs and solidified partnerships

With approximately $2M+ in pilot testing sales, Cadi has signed letters of intent from 63 golf courses.

First to Market

Cadi’s only competitor is traditional retail. There is no other true competitor.

Experienced Leadership

Leading experts in autonomous retail, leading to strong partnerships with the biggest brands in golf.


“Build the best golfer-centric digital retail platform that connects golfers with the products they love and the curated experiences they deserve.”

Cadi's goal is to bring golf together using social commerce. Members earn experiences such as VIP passes to Cadi Events.

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Cadi Play members have access to VIP passes.

Get Cashback on all Purchases

Use CadiCash on clubs, tee times, and fun!


Where golfers find, try, and buy golf gear and experience golf.

Over $2.3M Raised & Counting

The golf industry is behind as it relates to ecommerce solutions.

Evolving retail changes the way people shop, leaving golfers behind in an online matrix of unhelpful filters and gear that no one knows what to buy.

No try and buy solution for high-performance golf gear.

Golfers at every experience level look to play equipment on the course before committing to a purchase. Even professional fitting can fail, if testing is not on the course.


A unified platform that merges last-mile logistics and golfer data to make playing the right clubs a breeze.


The first try before you buy marketplace powered by the community.


Try Before You Buy on everything.

Get cash back on every single purchase.


Patented, fully integrated logistics unlocks localized fulfillment to meet golfers where the game happens.

Smart Warehouse
powered by RFID

Product hub facilitates multi-channel distribution, reduces labor expenses by 80%, and increases inventory accuracy to 99%.

Cadi Kiosk

Localized distribution located at golf facilities empowers try before you buy and convenience.

What's Next?

Cadi’s technology stack enables game changing
on-course experiences.

Digital-first community for golfers

A place for golfers just like you.


December 2018

Complete Prototype Cadi Kiosk

February 2020

2500 Customers

September 2022

Developed Smart Warehouse Technology

November 2023

Beta launch of Cadi Marketplace

January 2019

Launch market testing with Cadi Kiosk

February 2022

Cadi raises $2m from 1900 investors

October 2022

Cadi granted a patent for Cadi kiosk

Anticipated Market launch


Meet Our Founders

Tyler Gottstein

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Gottstein

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler is an autonomous retail and golf industry leader. Tyler is a 4x serial founder with an MBA and M.Ed from the University of Washington.

Matt Ahrens

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Ahrens

Chief Operating Officer

Director at Pinnacle Inc., a $200M+ oil distributor. Former VP of Sales national food retailer. M.Ed., University of Washington.

2024 roadmap

10-30% in cashback on all purchases.

New driver. Tickets to the Masters. Golf balls. EVERYTHING.