Cadi, Inc - GROW USERS, DRIVE REVENUE: Deeper look into Cadi's summer strategic plan for Cadi Kiosk.

July 5, 2024

Cadi Community,

I am excited to share Cadi's Summer Goals. Our strategic plan to maximize the impact of our Cadi Kiosk in the Seattle market. We are doubling down on our kiosk investment. Everyone must know about it.

Cadi has successfully introduced our second facility through our partnership with the City of Seattle. This incredible indoor location features advanced technology like Toptracer, enhancing the experience for potential golfers. While Seattle presents its own unique challenges, we see this market as an opportunity for growth far beyond retail sales. The market is powerful with opportunities bigger than revenue and adoption.  

Here are three reasons why we choose the SEATTLE market and why we are doubling down on the market:

Premier Golf Management (Troon):

This partnership holds the potential to unlock 800 locations in one strategic move.

Municipal Collaborations:

Our partnerships with the City of Seattle and the City of Tacoma are invaluable. Deals with large municipalities are rare and will be crucial for our future expansion.

Technology Resources:

Seattle's tech-friendly environment offers access to unique resources, including proximity to Amazon. The ecosystem of engineers and investors around Seattle's great companies is an added advantage.

What is next?

We are excited about the potential of the Pacific Northwest market, but securing the courses was just the beginning. With two installations now in place, our next step is to invest in community activation. Our primary challenge in Seattle is the lack of brand awareness and understanding of our value proposition. For example, many customers are unaware that they can purchase clubs directly from us.

Its time to double down on our investment and fully launch the kiosk, offering an unmatched value and experience. Heres our plan:

Hire a Cadi Kiosk Director:

This role will focus on two main goals:

GROW USERS: Achieve a realistic target of 250 users per month per location.

LAND PARTNERSHIPS: Leverage recent milestones to secure strategic partnerships.

EXPAND SOCIAL PRESENCE: Document and share the experience to create content for organic growth.


This is Cadis most important goal for the summer. With the current investment round ending on July 12th, we are committed to making this vision a reality.

Thank you for your continued support. As always, GO CADI!

Tyler Gottstein, Founder

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