Cadi, Inc - Exciting News: Cadi's Game-Changing Manufacturing Opportunity and how to SCALE!

June 29, 2024

"Revamping Cadi Kiosk: Innovative Strategies to Overcome Manufacturing Challenges and Scale Efficiently"

Manufacturing is an expertise in its own right. The Cadi Kiosk has been assembled by hand in Sweden, meticulously crafted by the engineers who built it. However, we faced significant roadblocks: high production costs, high freight costs, and overall cash flow challenges due to the upfront investments required for each kiosk. I initially set these challenges aside to focus on more immediate milestones.

When we decided to launch our kiosk last fall, I immediately began addressing these scaling challenges. The biggest motivation for deploying the kiosks was the significant partnerships we had secured, which were poised to accelerate the opportunities for more kiosk launches.

Knowing the kiosk inside and out, I believed we could significantly reduce production costs.

I started working on two solutions:

OPTION #1 - Develop a walk-in kiosk that requires fewer raw materials and can be installed for less than $5,000.

OPTION #2 - Value engineer our current kiosk and find a way to manufacture it in the USA at half the current cost.

Cadi Kiosk Needs:

1) More flexibility in product offerings. Changing products currently requires a big project, which is not ideal.

2) Reduce manufacturing costs to lower the upfront investment for new facilities.

3) Reevaluate all freight and installation costs.

4) Commit more to markets with 10+ facility launches.

5) Advance development to integrate Cadis Warehouse Management System (WMS) with the kiosk backend.

We have found a manufacturing partner willing to invest in Cadis vision and produce the kiosks at a significantly lower cost. I am optimistic and confident that within the next couple of weeks, we will have made significant progress on all the challenges mentioned above.

For a rough estimate, we can build a smart team and manufacture 10 kiosks for about $300,000 all-in. The investments in this round will be invested into getting Cadi to the next level.

Cadi's current campaigns ends on JULY 12th.  Invest today!

GO Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein

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