Cadi February Update. The Golf Renaissance has begun. Invest in Cadi.

February 20, 2024

Good afternoon from Cadi,

It's an exhilarating time for golf as the sport experiences a renaissance, signaling a shift away from the old guard towards a new era. With the rise of YouTube golf, record-breaking events like the largest WM Open ever, and the emergence of innovative golf apparel brands like Malbon, the stage is set for fresh and dynamic approaches like Cadi to flourish. In this evolving landscape, brands actively seek novel ways to engage with golfers, and Cadi is at the forefront of this movement.

In 2024, Cadi is making bold moves to solidify its presence in the market. We're thrilled to announce the location of our new warehouse and retail store in Nashville, which is scheduled to be fully operational by April 1st, 2024. This strategic expansion will enhance accessibility and service for our valued regional customers.

Additionally, we're gearing up for a significant launch in March 2024, bolstered by new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support. Cadi will undergo a revamp and will be open for business at Jefferson Park and Interbay by March 23rd, offering an even broader range of products and services to meet the needs of golfers at every level.

Moreover, we're excited to announce the relaunch of our online platform,, promising an enhanced and seamless shopping experience for golf enthusiasts worldwide. Our revamped website will provide a user-friendly interface and an extensive selection of premium golfing products.

In light of our continued growth and expansion, we invite you to participate in our ongoing investment round. With $180k raised out of our $250k goal, there's still an opportunity for you to be a part of Cadi's journey. This investment round offers attractive terms, with the potential for conversion at a valuation ranging from $5m to $12m, based on future acquisition or equity rounds.

To complete your investment or learn more about this opportunity, please revisit your account on We look forward to welcoming you as a valued investor in Cadi.

Thank you for your support,

Tyler Gottstein, Founder.

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