Cadi, Inc - This week in Cadi: Cadi launches NEW Location, and news on Kiosk development

June 10, 2024

This Week in Cadi: Cadi Launches NEW Location and News on Kiosk Development

Exciting Launch at Interbay Golf Center

Cadi is thrilled to announce the launch of our new location at Interbay Golf Center in Seattle. This Top Tracer enabled community range and course serves Downtown Seattle, Queen Anne, and Magnolia, making it an ideal spot for the Cadi experience. As a key facility in a top 20 market, this location is vital for our growth.

Enhanced V2 Kiosk

Our V2 kiosk features a new wrap and over 100 improvements from the prototype. We've expanded the putter options alongside the popular driver selections.

Introducing WIK

We're also developing a new, cost-effective, flexible kiosk, internally known as WIK. Aiming to install it by year-end, this kiosk will help us saturate markets and allow customers to pay for initial installations. We plan to sell both solutions immediately and secure quality partners this year.

Investment Opportunity

Cadi is finalizing the plan to close our current round, which will end in July. Do not miss the opportunity to invest in Cadi. Big things are happening. Click the button below to invest.

As Always, GO CADI,

Tyler Gottstein

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