Tyler's Heath update- I'M BACK! and recovering well.

October 20, 2023

Update on Tyler’s Health

Good morning everyone,

I wanted to share an update on my health and some insights from my journey. Firstly, I'm grateful to report that my recent scan yielded positive results. As I transition beyond this phase, there are a few reflections I'd like to share.

During this process, the overwhelming support I've received has been deeply touching. So many of you reached out with positive thoughts and offers to lend a listening ear, often because you or someone you knew had undergone a similar experience. I must admit, I never really took these offers to heart for two reasons: I never felt my situation was truly life-threatening, and I've always considered myself tough. Physical challenges didn't faze me.

However, I was unprepared for the mental toll post-treatment. For five weeks, I confined myself indoors, with eyes mostly closed. I came to understand the crucial role our eyes play in brain stimulation. As my activity dwindled, so did my mental engagement, resulting in declining mental health. I soon found myself battling fatigue, dwindling focus, and an overwhelming list of responsibilities. While my initial instinct was to push harder, I learned that might not always be the best approach during recovery.

This journey has taught me the true meaning of the support offers I received. Recovery extends beyond the physical—it's a mental and emotional process too. It forced me to prioritize tasks, appreciate small accomplishments, and actively work towards rebuilding my habits. Re-establishing mental strength is a continual effort, often more challenging and prolonged than anticipated. However, this experience has imparted invaluable lessons.

Today, I sense steady improvement in my well-being. My vigor and optimism are on the upswing, and I'm fervently dedicated to taking Cadi to new heights. For those confronting similar challenges, I'm genuinely here for you, extending my support.

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