Cadi is building an advisory board and we want you!

November 25, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving! @everyone

Many of you wanted a deeper involvement with Cadi. We can use your help. Because of the numerous requests, I am building an advisory board. In my mind, this could be traditional advising or a time investment into things sales or inventory management.

I am seeking all types of expertise; from Software Architecture to Sales. We are willing to offer advisors and consultants with equity as compensation based on the time investment to Cadi. I would consider Cash payment as well.

These board roles could lead to full-time roles within Cadi. The board is seeking anyone who is interested and has time and/or experience to invest. The community can really help get Cadi to the next level. The board will prioritize investors, especially investors in the latest round.

If you are interested please fill out this form:

Comment any questions you might have!

-Tyler G.

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