Exciting News: CadiKiosk Granted Patent Cementing Value

May 26, 2024

Dear @cadicommunity,

I am thrilled to announce that Cadi has been granted a patent for our autonomous try-before-you-buy kiosk technology. This is huge news as it cements the value of CadiKiosk. It is an innovation that can be sold with their patents and will provide protection from opposition.

Additionally, this milestone offers significant strategic advantages for Cadi:

Innovation and Exclusivity: Protects our unique technology, ensuring a clear market advantage.

Enhanced User Experience: Provides a seamless, self-service option for golfers, boosting satisfaction and sales.

Market Expansion: Enables confident growth into new markets, increasing our market share and revenue.

Attracting Investments: Enhances our credibility, making us more appealing to partners and investors.

Revenue from Licensing: Opens opportunities for additional revenue through licensing agreements.

Legal Protection: Safeguards against unauthorized use, maintaining our competitive edge.

This patent not only secures our technology but also drives our growth and strengthens our market position. Thank you for your continued support.

Go Cadi, 

Tyler Gottstein

Badass Founder

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