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June 11, 2024

A MASTER Will Overcome Every Challenge.

Cadi Mantra: Its seems impossible until its done.


I often think about my life and try to define my principles. Over the last year, I have faced constant challenges and difficult decisions. The pressure beats you down, and at times I have been defeated by life. The reality is that life keeps coming, and it is consistent. There is no other option but to get over defeat and keep fighting.

Entrepreneurship is not a profession; it is a mindset. When striving to build something valuable, almost every day feels like a defeat. But in this environment, you learn not to dwell on the challenges but to change the way you think. It is about seeing the silver linings and recognizing that the reward is perseverance. With this mindset, you can maintain waking up with optimism. My goal and definition of my principles is to overcome the feeling of defeat, get up, and keep fighting.

I really want to be a master of overcoming hard moments. Not just pushing through but thriving. IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. The best rewards only come in hard moments.

Even the best in the world continue to accept defeat and learn to push to another day. Learn to be smarter. I am striving to be smarter and wiser. Cadi was founded eight years ago this month. At times, the passing time can feel like a negative. It is not. We continue to have one-of-kind expertise. We will continue to thrive and move forward.

This week is filled with optimism. We have an exciting new Cadi Kiosk location. This is a fresh start with a new opportunity to gain consumer data.

Cadi current funding campaign is ending July 12th. Please take advantage of the investor friendly terms as we head towards an exit. Cadi to the moon.

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