Update on 2024 Golf Industry and the impact on CADI. hint ** golf is booming**

April 7, 2024

The golf industry's recent boom, as described, showcases an impressive growth trajectory, particularly in 2023, with nearly 27 million real golfers and an additional 18 million through Topgolf, culminating in 45 million individuals engaging with the sport. This surge has been propelled by a notable increase in interest from younger demographics, young professionals, and females, signaling a shift in the traditional golfer profile. The industry's expansion is further evidenced by a record-setting 531 million rounds of golf played, alongside a significant rise in tee time costs, up by 36%, with most facilities operating at full capacity. This growth phase, marked by four consecutive years of year-over-year growth since 2020, underscores a vibrant and evolving landscape for golf.

The rise in the cost of golf equipment, with driver prices escalating from $449 to $629, mirrors broader inflationary trends across various sectors. However, it also highlights a critical barrier to entry for many enthusiasts—accessibility to new equipment. Despite the industry's evolution, the primary channel for golf equipment sales remains through brick-and-mortar stores, limiting opportunities for golfers to explore and test new equipment affordably.

Enter Cadi, a solution that seems poised to disrupt the traditional golf retail market. By offering golfers the chance to try clubs at their preferred courses or indoor facilities for a nominal demo fee, Cadi addresses a significant gap in the market. This model not only enhances accessibility to new equipment but also allows golfers to make informed decisions based on their experience, potentially transforming how golf equipment is purchased.

Cadi's innovative approach, through Cadikiosk and Cadi.io, reflects a broader trend of digital transformation and consumer empowerment in retail. By aligning with the preferences of the new generation of golfers, who are increasingly seeking modern, flexible, and convenient ways to engage with their hobbies, Cadi is well-positioned to capitalize on the ongoing golf boom. Furthermore, the emphasis on community-friendly investment opportunities, such as the current Convertible note investor round, indicates a commitment to inclusive growth and community engagement, resonating with the broader trends of democratization in investment and consumption.

Overall, the golf industry's expansion, coupled with the challenges of equipment accessibility and the advent of innovative solutions like Cadi, paints a picture of a sector at the cusp of significant transformation. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how traditional models adapt and how new entrants like Cadi shape the future landscape of golf retail and participation.

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