Cadi Fundraising Announcement: Invest, Get a Free Driver, and Surprise Perk for All <$1,000 Investors

June 10, 2024

Cadi is on Fire! Over $240,000 Raised. Round Ending July 2024.

We are currently in the midst of a fundraising round that will close in July 2024, set to propel us into prominence. As part of this round, we have an exciting perk: invest $5,000 or more and receive a free driver. Six investors have already taken advantage of this offer in the past few weeks. Investments between $1,000 and $4,999 are also highly valued, and all investors will be rewarded upon the completion of this round.

How to Invest

New investors can visit for more information. To complete your investment, log in to Perks are fulfilled instantly, with a confirmation email from Tyler.

Investor-Friendly Terms

This round features investor-friendly terms, converting on any liquidity event at a 20% discount of the sale price, maximizing upside potential and mitigating downside risk.

Supporting Our Growth

Funds raised from this round will directly support our business scaling efforts. Cadi is installing our second kiosk at Interbay next week and is in ongoing discussions with three additional courses in the Seattle market.

Calling All Current Investors! Join Cadi's Investment Group for Daily Engagement.

For all current investors, please join our private investor group on Facebook. We are active in that group on a daily basis. You can join the group here.

As ALWAYS, Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein

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