Your Cadi Investment Headquarters. All important documents are included here

October 24, 2023

Resource Headquarters for Cadi’s upcoming round.

Cadi investment round is now live.

If you are ready to invest, The link to Cadi’s investment portal here:

The portal is now live. This round is regulated under regulation 506b. This round is being managed differently. It is more traditional with a convertible note. We are hosting the round on dealmaker to keep our documentation organized and allow 24/7 access to the investment opportunity with Cadi. Through this portal, you can sign the investment documents, manage your investments, and funds the investment. Finding the investments through dealmaker comes with a 2% ACH fee. Wiring the funds is the best method for Cadi and includes the lowest fees. Here are the instructions.  

First, visit the portal link. Sign the agreement. You will be able to manage the documents here as well. It is located here:

Second, fund the investment. It can be through Dealmaker or offline. Dealmaker has the fees. For the lowest fees, send a wire from your bank account, in a branch, or through a service like

Cadi's wiring instructions and account information

Bank Name: U.S. Bank N.A.,

Bank Address: 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN, United States  

Account #: 157520743665

Routing#: 122235821

This document is the source of all information for all questions that may arise.

The terms of the deals are located here:

The current round can be summarized to these key terms.

Convertible Note Key Terms

Raise: $250k

Term: Two Years

Minimum: $5,000

Discount: 20%

Valuation Cap: $12m

Interest Rate: 7%

Recording of Matt and Tyler’s webinar announcing the round and their 6-month execution plan:

Written prospectus for this round from Tyler. Includes current business strategy, vision, 12-month execution plan, and an insight into monthly expenses. It is located here:

Cadi also updated the two-page executive summary. This document focuses on the future and a high-level description of Cadi. Check it out here: Executive Summary: October 2023

Cadi is highly active in our private Facebook group. If you haven’t joined, request to join the group to get the latest information on Cadi. Join Here:

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