A special message from Cadi CEO, Tyler Gottstein

April 28, 2023

Dear Potential Investor,

I hope this letter finds you well. As you may have seen, our equity crowdfunding round is ending Saturday April 29th, and this may be your final chance to invest in Cadi and be part of our journey toward revolutionizing golf retail. I'm reaching out today to personally thank you for your interest in Cadi and invite you to invest in our last planned public round.

Cadi is about community

We let our community do the talking. Cadi has connected with thousands of golfers, proving that by providing access with Try Before You Buy and experiences, we can demystify the club buying experience. Cadi’s recently released marketplace is becoming the place to go for our community. The Try Before You Buy experience is only made possible by Cadi’s innovative logistics platform consisting of Cadi Kiosk, the world’s only on-course autonomous kiosk, and Smart warehousing. Cadi’s technology stack unlocks the experience that golfers deserve.

Our opportunity is truly massive. There are 18m+ golfers and well over 7,500 key golf course locations that can host Cadi Kiosk. By winning a percentage of their annual spend, Cadi quickly becomes a 9-figure revenue business. This summer we will begin ramping up our business efforts.

2023 outlook

In 2023, you can expect Cadi to relaunch Cadi Kiosk, driving usage and creating content. We are completing the final stages of development for Cadi’s online marketplace, custom WMS, and activation of our product tracking system. We also have several important strategic partnerships in the works.

Already in Q1 of 2023 we made significant progress:

o Cadi.io Q1 beta launch crossed 1,000 users and$100,000 in revenue.

o Cadi was granted a patent for their logistics system.

o Cadi completed our patent-pending Smart Warehouse, a micro warehouse with custom backend logistics. Proven 99% stock accuracy and multi-channel selling capabilities (think 1-click selling to self-hosted sites and all 3rd party platforms.)

Hired proven leader, former CEO of Redbox and previously Microsoft, Disney, Lenovo - Scott Di Valerio.

Cadi drove 3x increase in revenue YOY. Cadi projects 2023 revenues of $1m-$2m.

Cadi Investment Opportunity

In addition, Cadi has gained significant traction with individual investors. To date, our community of over 3,000 shareholders has helped Cadi raise $3M in capital investment. Our previous investment rounds oversubscribed and attracted attention from prominent investors in the Golf and Logistics sectors. I'm incredibly proud of the progress we have made so far, and we believe that Cadi represents a strong investment opportunity for investors like you.

By investing in Cadi, you have the opportunity to be part of a company that is disrupting golf and logistics. Your investment will fuel our growth and help us accelerate our product development, market expansion, and customer acquisition efforts.

To participate in our equity crowdfunding round and secure your investment in Cadi, please visit Cadikiosk.com. Don't miss out on this final opportunity to join our mission to transform the golf industry!

Thank you for considering this investment opportunity, and I would be happy to answer any questions or provide further information upon your request. We appreciate your support and look forward to having you as an investor in Cadi.

As Always, Go Cadi!

Tyler Gottstein

CEO, Co-Founder


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