Good Luck. Bad Luck. Who Knows?

October 11, 2023

Yesterday, we encountered a crisis at our kiosk when the return scanner malfunctioned. This occurred precisely when we had four users engaged in active demos. Unable to return their demos, these users understandably feared being billed for the full purchase price of the clubs.

It's instinctive to overreact and become anxious when issues arise, especially when on-the-ground support is lacking. However, at such times, we refrain from succumbing to panic. Drawing from our experiences, we swiftly pivot into action mode. This approach stems from our steadfast commitment to customer service. We firmly believe that every challenge offers an opportunity to exceed expectations and provide an extraordinary experience. Our positive stance on challenges resonates with the ancient Chinese proverb concerning the old farmer.

In the poignant tale, when the old farmer's horse goes missing, the neighbors express their sympathy, but he simply replies, "Good luck, bad luck, who knows?" When the horse later returns with a band of wild horses, the same neighbors congratulate him. Yet, he remains unmoved. A subsequent misfortune, where his son fractures his leg trying to tame a wild horse, saves the son from being drafted into the military. The farmer's unwavering perspective underscores life's unpredictability: blessings can be disguised as setbacks, and vice versa.

"Good Luck, Bad Luck, Who knows?" – Such a profound philosophy!

Fortuitously, I had landed in Seattle a mere 12 hours post the kiosk glitch. I established contact with all four users, setting up face-to-face meetings at the kiosk the following day. These users valued the unique opportunity to interact directly with a Cadi founder. Our discussions evolved into comprehensive feedback sessions about their kiosk experiences, Cadi's offerings, areas of improvement, and more. Notably, three participants worked at Amazon, providing invaluable technical insights.

The silver lining of this ordeal was the rejuvenated motivation and vigor I felt. Their feedback mirrored our vision for the kiosk, and their enthusiasm was palpable. Here are three stand-out takeaways from our conversation:

1. One individual not only used the kiosk but also played an entire round with the borrowed driver. This suggests a deeper appreciation and understanding of our unique kiosk experience. He shared his positive experience on the golf course, emphasizing the liberating feeling of playing without constraints.

2. All of them confessed they had passed the kiosk multiple times without truly comprehending its purpose. However, a moment of realization led them to embrace a judgment-free, empowering demo experience. As more users recognize this value, our kiosk usage has seen a significant uptick.

3. Enthusiasm was evident as they expressed their eagerness to introduce friends to the kiosk while enjoying a round of drinks. This reveals the potential of Jefferson Park Golf Course as a prime facility. My interactions unveiled a broader perspective of the potential market, suggesting it's even more expansive than initially perceived.

Addressing the technical glitch was straightforward—a simple reset and restart. While the solution took under an hour, the invaluable interactions promise to shape our future strategies and investments.

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