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March 26, 2023

Almost daily, I am repeating Cadi’s vision; Cadi is the future of retail, connecting the digital world to the real world in golf and sporting goods. Of course, the understanding of this statement is different for each person based on their experience and knowledge of technology. Although statements like this are used far too often across all industries, Cadi’s definition of the future of retail is fluid and constantly changing as we undercover more learnings.

Cadi believes that all retail will eventually transition to digital, and most interaction will happen through your mobile phone or a personal device. The digital experience is developing quickly, and the potential of the depth of the experience for the user is endless. Ultimately, Cadi believes the digital retail experience can be exponentially better than the current brick-and-mortar experience. Cadi’s digital experience can leverage DATA removing all bias, limitations, and human nature. To fully understand the potential of digital, we need to understand the limitation of the current purchase experience.

Currently, the golf purchase experience is limited. Getting fit for golf clubs or visiting golf stores are limited to the professional’s knowledge, capacity to understand your situation and goals, and ability to overcome personal and professional biases (almost impossible). The user is navigating heavy product marketing and must have access to quality golf shops and fitters to get the best current experience. The current retail environment is regionally fragmented, creating a unique shopping experience based on where you live in the country. Finally, the user must have spare time and expendable income to take advantage of the retail environment. Combining all these factors points to an enhanced E-COMMERCE and DIGITAL EXPERIENCE.

Cadi is focused on building a platform that focuses on cultivating more profound digital experiences and creating technology that powers the growth of eCommerce. Digital retail has no rules, and whatever we believe is the perfect retail environment can be developed. The users can be authentic in their identity, and we can create profiles that are unbiased and based on data. Collecting macro data and cross-platform integration can add layers of depth to the experience only achievable in a digital experience. The future of retail is digital retail. Cadi kiosk is the simple connection between mobile shopping and the on-course Try Before you Buy. This is why Cadi will SUCCEED.

Cadi is changing the game. If you are considering investing, we would love to have you as a part of the community. Now is a great time. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Go Cadi!

Tyler Gottstein

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