Cadi connects the DIGITAL WORLD to the REAL WORLD like no one else.

March 8, 2023

Golf is at an all-time high in growth and popularity. The pandemic changed golf forever. The new golfers caused the industry to abandon old traditions and accept a new inclusive golf world. These changes also accelerated digital progress in the golf industry. Cadi firmly believes that the golf purchase experience will transition to digital shopping experiences. The recent golf industry advancement has begun to confirm our thesis. But it is just the beginning.

Cadi uses Cadi Kiosk to connect the DIGITAL WORLD to the PHYSICAL WORLD. However, we are starting to see the implementation of Try Before You Buy and other virtual innovations; real change cannot happen without addressing the serious challenges in golf. Here is what Cadi believes and what we are doing to truly 10x the purchase experience. Here are four must-have features to truly embrace digital retail.

  1. Big Data Curation: What product is best for me??? You must help answer this product question. There is a lack of TRUE product fitting on the internet. Digital fittings will not scale to the masses. Cadi has a BIG DATA solution. Cadi does not fit in a traditional sense. Cadi is collecting and presenting data to users about other golfers like you. We democratize data, and we do not care what you buy. We only care about helping you choose what is best for you. Giving you all the opportunity to return the product and allowing you to determine what is best for you. Every product will have data from users JUST LIKE YOU.
  2. Digital Retail is Social Commerce. The digital community will continue to be a critical part of the digital transformation. Everywhere you look, you will see people writing their opinion. Every strong community has people willing to volunteer their time to help the community. You must offer features, incentives, and progress to offer the community what they want. The better this happens, the stronger the community gets. Cadi is accomplishing this in many ways. With cashback, services, and events, Cadi's membership model will change the game.
  3. Advanced inventory systems and game-changing logistics. Shipping a golf club is difficult. Golf products are oddly shaped with a long, low-weight box that can only efficiently shipped by ground. This is not a recipe for success. This is where Cadi's one-of-a-kind logistics strategy is the ultimate WINNER. The golf course with Cadi will have highly efficient retail technology by using our micro warehousing and kiosks. No one else in the industry is addressing these challenges.
  4. Try before you buy: We believe this will quickly become a standard feature on most digital retail sites. So how can Cadi do it differently and get additional value?

The real value for Cadi is always DATA. If you understand the data, you can use it to create a 10x better experience. In our experience, you can demo up to two products with the flip of a switch. It is that easy.

Thank you for believing in Cadi and all of the positive thoughts. We are making progress. If you haven't invested, now is the time. Join our community!

Go Cadi!

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