Invest Like a Master's Champion. "Cadi's Live Inventory System is Game-Changing"

December 3, 2022

The Master's are here. The Master's tournament gets underway today, showcasing the biggest golf names including our guy, PAUL CASEY. Last year, I picked Dustin Johnson. This year my pick is........ PAUL CASEY. It couldn't be anyone else. He is 44, and still playing great golf. I am hoping he pulls off the victory and really puts a stamp on his career. We are rooting for him.  

The Master's is historically a place that is filled with tradition but also innovative. During a normal Master's tournament, they sell millions of dollars of merchandise in just a few days. It is a one-of-a-kind retail experience. It sells so quickly it is a challenge to have the necessary product on the sale floor. The solution is a live inventory and logistics system that refreshes inventory levels consistently. It is necessary to have a live inventory system to create retail innovation. The data needs to be correct every time. 

Cadi tracking the inventory from Sourcing to Sale. That means Cadi knows where our inventory is exactly as it moves through our warehouse, in transit, arrival at our kiosk system, and in customer's hands. This allows us to collect powerful data.  Cadi kiosk is mobile and easily installed at any location. Like the Master's, we can transform PGA tour events, Festivals, Parks, even parking lots into retail destinations. This is a valuable system that will be attractive to many industries and companies. Ultimately, create a game-changing experience for our customers. 

Happy Masters! Golf Season is here, 

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