Cadi's 2023 goals are BIG and achievable.

January 6, 2023

Cadi’s 2023 Ambition New Year’s Goals.

A new year is a great time to reset our goals as a company. I am a firm believer in the philosophy that all things are possible, beginning with a declaration followed by action. I am enticed to write down my goals both personally and professionally. In terms of Cadi, the goals are BIG but remain clear.

2023 could be the year Cadi obtains an exit or significant investment partner at a $100m valuation. Within the next 18 months, Cadi is taking action towards a liquidity event that will ensure Cadi will achieve massive growth and pay off for the early believers in Cadi.

The key to success is building our Cadi community. We have set a goal to build a community of over 10,000 Cadi Play members in 2023. This is a number that will deliver leverage and power in the industry. We are starting the year with 50.

Improve as a leader and a networker. Matt and I are both naturally introverted and like to maintain independence. Therefore, it takes work for us to meet new people. I am taking the challenge of attempting to network with 30 people in our industry a month. We hope this leads to fruitful business relationships, new employees, new investors, and growth for Cadi.

Cadi needs to hire help to run our enterprise. Therefore, Cadi is on a mission to hire at least ten new people in our organization. We strive to be the best in advertising, design, inventory management, and business development.

Cheers to another great year in 2023. Cadi has launched a new fundraising round with a 50% bonus share offer only to our community. It is only for a limited time until we unveil it to the public.

To invest, Visit and join the movement.  

Go Cadi! 

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