We have the mindset of Champion. The Financial Championship exit will come.

September 23, 2023

Champions are forged long before they ever grasp a trophy, honing their winning spirit and daily rituals. Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali encapsulate this champion's mindset in two profound quotes:

Mike Tyson: 'If you can persevere and endure, you can accomplish anything you want.'

Muhammad Ali: 'If my mind can conceive it, and my heart believes it, then I can achieve it.'

In the realm of business, numerous factors often seem beyond our control, impeding our journey to victory. Winning, in my view, means crafting a product or service of immense value to consumers and ensuring its financial viability.

At Cadi, our path to value and financial viability sometimes appears tantalizingly close, while at other times, the hurdles seem insurmountable and unjust. My belief remains steadfast: the future will see all products purchased online, and a logistics innovation will revolutionize the consumer experience, unlocking untold opportunities for those partnering with Cadi.

Today, I declare a bold proclamation. Cadi will exit and will produce a platform that will transform consumer experiences. This will happen in 12 months or less. At this juncture in my life, the most thrilling and optimistic avenue toward creating value and financial success lies in redefining the e-commerce landscape through innovative logistics. We're pioneering 'Try Before You Buy' features and bringing the retail experience right to the consumer.

We possess the champion's mindset. There's no alternative but to wake up each day filled with optimism and determination, regardless of the challenges we face. We'll fight, persevere, and endure, ultimately realizing our vision.

Go Cadi! 🚀💪

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