Cadi Relaunches a proprietary Kiosk in Seattle, WA at Jefferson Park Golf Course.

August 16, 2023

Dear Valued Cadi Investors,

We are thrilled to share some groundbreaking news that highlights Cadi's recent progress and expansion. In line with our commitment to innovation and growth, we are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with the City of Seattle and Premier Golf Management, a Troon company.

Cadi's journey into Seattle, a city renowned for its technological prowess and vibrant golfing community, marks a pivotal moment in our evolution. This partnership is brimming with potential and offers us the unique opportunity to redefine the golfing experience for enthusiasts in the region.

Here are the key highlights that underscore the significance of this venture:

  1. Unprecedented Market Potential: Premier Golf Management, an affiliate of Troon, manages a portfolio of 11 golf courses across the Pacific Northwest. This collaboration allows Cadi to introduce our cutting-edge kiosk technology to a network of premier golf facilities, including the sole four major municipal courses and driving ranges serving Seattle. Our innovative localized distribution model, honed over 18 months, positions us to serve     the entire Seattle/Tacoma market, revolutionizing the purchase experience.
  2. Fortifying  the Troon Relationship: The alignment with Premier Golf Management, now under the umbrella of Troon, offers a unique opportunity to solidify our partnership with one of the world's leading golf management companies. This serves as a strategic market test and paves the way for deeper collaboration with Troon on a broader scale.
  3. All-Weather Facility Compatibility: Seattle's golf facilities boast unique features, resembling Topgolf venues with multi-level indoor ranges that provide year-round protection from inclement weather. This innovative     design ensures that our Cadi kiosks are shielded from outdoor elements, contributing to a seamless and reliable user experience.
  4. Endorsement  and Advocacy: Our collaboration with Premier Golf Management comes  with a valuable endorsement from Michael and his team. Their strong ties with the City of Seattle officials further underline the potential of  Cadi's kiosk technology to transform the golf course purchase experience.
  5. Access  to Top Talent: Seattle's reputation as a hub for innovation and top-tier talent perfectly aligns with our pursuit of excellence. We are excited to tap into the city's vibrant ecosystem of investors, venture     firms, and engineers to elevate Cadi to new heights.

The launch of our Cadi kiosk in Seattle is set for August18th, starting at Jefferson Park Golf Course. This marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for us. However, we acknowledge that challenges and resource limitations remain. Over the next 45 days, our primary focus will be on gradually refining our approach, step by step:

  1. Optimized User Experience: We are dedicated to ensuring the kiosk's seamless functionality and a smooth user experience. Our initial goal is to fine-tune the kiosk's operations, incrementally enhancing its autonomy and     reliability.
  2. Building  Strong Partnerships: Establishing a strong rapport with course staff and managers is a priority. This endeavor will require concerted efforts from Matt and the team to create a mutually beneficial relationship.
  3. Understanding  the Community: Tailoring our offerings to the needs of the local community is paramount. We will diligently work towards identifying our target market at Jefferson Park and refining our messaging and pricing strategies accordingly.

To support the successful launch and execution of this ambitious project, both Matt and I are relocating to Seattle for the next 45days. This hands-on approach reflects our unwavering dedication to the success of this venture.

We appreciate your ongoing support, and we look forward to sharing more updates as we embark on this exciting journey in Seattle. Together, we are poised to bring the Cadi vision to life and create a last ingimpact on the golfing experience.

Thank you for your continued trust and commitment to Cadi.

As always, GO CADI!

Tyler Gottstein



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