Cadi is not just a golf retailer; IT IS A DATA COMPANY.

February 18, 2023

On the day of our shoot last year with Paul Casey, we spend 2 hours sitting around a table and talking golf, business, and Cadi. As we dove deeper into Cadi, Paul said, "so Cadi is a DATA company." That was a brilliant understanding from Paul. The more we talked, the more obvious it was to everyone listening that Cadi's secret sauce is data. Cadi is not just a golf retailer. IT IS A DATA AND LOGISTICS COMPANY. Those are the essential expertise needed to dominate digital retail (i.e., Amazon).

The data allows Cadi to create a 10X better experience. The data helps better match golfers to products digitally. It helps track the product from source to sale. It helps improve the product journey from warehouse to kiosks. Finally, it supports overall efficiencies within the Cadi ecosystem.

Data is how we can expand into other markets and grow market capitalization that will make our investors happy. So if you have not invested, invest today!

Go Cadi!

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