Choosing Our Battle: Transforming Consumer Behavior or Industry Standards?

September 17, 2023

Cadi's mission extends beyond club sales; our aim is to revolutionize the entire purchase experience. From day one, our unwavering belief in the potential of e-commerce and the continuous growth of the internet foresaw an opportunity for innovation. Our conviction has proven true, and Cadi stands as a unique solution. Leveraging autonomous and cloud-based systems, we set out to fundamentally reshape online product sales.

Our vision was never confined to merely selling clubs; we aimed to transform the purchasing journey across various industries. Instead of measuring success by the number of kiosks, our focus centered on creating high-accuracy product tracking and traceability throughout the network. Once we achieved this technological milestone, we envisioned scaling into numerous industries. By concentrating on our technology, we aimed to bypass the need for changing consumer behaviors. Our ultimate goal is to see every high-end product distributed through our platform, a concept that drove our initial investment.

When faced with questions like "How many kiosks do you have?" it reflects a misunderstanding of our broader vision and the relentless pursuit of our goals. Cadi does not intend to shift people from going to a golf store to now going to a golf course to buy golf products. Our ultimate vision is for golfers to buy online from an existing, comfortable retail channel and come to the golf course to interact with our technology. This distinction is crucial in understanding the battle we are fighting; changing consumer behaviors versus changing industry standards. It's a challenging task, no doubt, with multiple layers to accomplish our goal. The primary challenge lies in the number of kiosks needed to change consumer behavior and effectively communicate the value to the end user. We believe that by changing industry standards and partnering with brands eager to convert to direct-to-consumer, we have the best chance for success going forward.

Over the past two years, we've made significant investments in this vision, fully aware that once we have the initial partner, we can scale rapidly. Once the initial infrastructure is in place, we will gain a massive advantage over any competition, offering our partner a pathway to immense success. This is why our recent partnerships far surpass the number of kiosks on the ground. Our association with Troon and the City of Seattle provides a pathway to dominate the market. With our recent partnership, Cadi has installations in Seattle, leveraging significant ties with the world's largest golf management company and the city of Seattle. With adequate funding and a quality partner, our expansion involves these four key steps:

1. Secure exclusive industry deals with TaylorMade, Callaway, and other key players.

2. Expand partnerships with Troon and its subsidiaries.

3. Select a market and commencing installations to establish a strong presence.

4. Integrating with their established retail channel to unlock Cadi's logistics capabilities.

The goal is clear. We will continue the fight until we succeed. Until the next one.

Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein


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