From drawing to granted patent. What a journey!

January 19, 2023

The Cadi Kiosk patent is Cadi’s first and my first granted patent. This process was especially difficult and required patience. The patent journey started on July 7th, 2016; I wrote and filed the provisional patent myself. The application included Cadi’s first drawing of the Kiosk and the distribution process. A beautiful image that brings back memories.  

One year later, Cadi hired a patent attorney. Cadi deployed funds from its first angel investor to pay the initial costs to file the non-provisional patent.  Cadi set ambitious goals of getting a broad patent for use among many sporting categories. Over time, the patent was narrowed but still provides excellent protection from competition.  

This is a massive announcement for Cadi. It provides protection from competition but more importantly, it is a valuable asset to potential acquirers. The patent is a tangible asset that provides instant credibility and value.

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On January 17th, the patent is now published, and officially the patent was issued.

If you would like to read the actual patent, check it hard out here.

As always, GO CADI!

Tyler G.

CEO & Co-Founder

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