Maximizing Success: Embracing the Value Above Replacement Principle for Cadi Kiosk's Journey Ahead

July 29, 2023

Maximizing Success: Embracing the Value Above Replacement Principle for Cadi Kiosk's Journey Ahead

In the context of our current business stage, decision-making becomes a complex process, laden with multiple layers and the potential for unintended consequences. As leaders, our primary focus remains on executing our vision and driving progress, but we acknowledge that the reality is far from straightforward.

One of the most challenging aspects to consider is the potential outcome of different decisions, which aligns with the principle of "value above replacement." In baseball, they employ an advanced metric called Wins Above Replacement (WAR) to measure a player's overall contribution compared to a hypothetical replacement-level player, quantifying the number of wins a player adds above what an average or replacement-level player would provide.

Similarly, as decision-makers, we strive to make the most valuable and additive choices, ensuring that we capture every ounce of value. Given our current stage, decisions carry a greater weight due to the higher consequences associated with making the wrong choice. A significant factor in our decision-making process at Cadi revolves around establishing a realistic timeline for achieving success, while also considering the energy required from our team.

Our recent progress in reinstalling the kiosk on golf courses has presented its challenges. Although it is relatively easy to gain approval from golf facilities, determining the optimal location for the kiosk remains difficult. With limited kiosks available, we must carefully assess the value above replacement for each decision. Considering a risk curve, we find that courses more willing to accept Cadikiosk are, unfortunately, less desirable from Cadi's perspective. On the other hand, the best facilities, which align with our goals, require longer sales cycles.

Currently, we have four local courses that have expressed interest in partnering with us ("IN"). Now, we face the difficult decision of whether to accept an invitation from one of these courses or continue seeking out the best facility that aligns with our vision. In this contemplation, we must ask ourselves whether we are confident enough in the success of this facility to bet our resources entirely on it. If not, we shall continue our search without damaging the relationship with that particular course.

From Cadi's perspective, the ideal partnership would involve collaborating with a mid-level golf management company or a municipal entity that unlocks access to five or more facilities and agrees to test our kiosk across various locations over a short time period. By doing so, we can learn from the testing experience and proceed to install multiple kiosks in the locations with the highest likelihood of success.

In conclusion, we are diligently considering all our decisions, and in the face of uncertainty, we are not complacent. An announcement regarding our next steps will be made very soon. Rest assured, Cadi Kiosk is steadfastly moving forward.

Until then, as always, Go Cadi!

Tyler G.

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