Cadi is in discussions with golf entertainment venues and driving ranges

December 3, 2022

Cadi’s autonomous technology is a perfect fit for entertainment venues. Cadi has discussions to bring Cadi to the leaders in entertainment golf. Why are we excited about these potential partnerships? We share the same values. Cadi strives to make golf more inclusive to new golfers while bridging the knowledge gap with our data-based systems. Cadi is transforming non-retail space into a powerful retail experience using our autonomous technology. Entertainment golf venues have successfully changed golf for the better by simplifying the game and making it easy for players of all skill levels.

These entertainment golf venues have over 12m+ customers, most of which are not avid golfers. There are opportunities to help these golfers transition to golf on the golf course by making it easy to demo and buy golf equipment.  We believe entertainment venues can become the chosen destination for all new golfers looking to buy golf equipment. Look out for a Cadi collaboration with entertainment venues soon.  

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